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Anxiety is emotional pain and worry (MND Australia 2010).

MND Australia 2010

People living with motor neurone disease may be anxious about financial planning for their own and their family’s future; how the family will cope; as well as how they will be cared for as the disease progresses. Fears may include increasing disability, suffocation, choking and isolation, fear of the dying process and fear of the unknown.

Spending time with the person with MND, talking through fears and worries can be very worthwhile. If at all possible, fears should be expressed and openly discussed. Social workers, pastoral care workers or members of the palliative care team can help in providing counselling.

Miller and others 2009b

What pharmacologic interventions reduce anxiety?

  • Recognition and treatment of anxiety in ALS can be challenging since similar symptoms can be related to dyspnea.
  • Conclusion
    • There have been no trials of treatment for anxiety in ALS.
  • Recommendation
    • There are insufficient data to support or refute specific treatment for anxiety in ALS (Level U).

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